Do It With Drupal

Do It With Drupal: Drupal Under Pressure: Performance and Scalability

  • Browser | Apache | PHP | -SQL Queries | MySQL
  • Common pattern for optimization: inspect each layer, add little buckets of caches everywhere
  • "Fast track" through the different layers to get out requests more efficiently
  • On browser side: Mod Expires, sends a message to the browser and says "I've got this info, you've already looked at it, we're good"
  • Firebug will show you all the individual requests- says how many kb it takes to download (if you only have to download a little bit when you refresh, that's good)

Do It With Drupal: Drupal Under Fire: Website Security

  • Your site is vulnerable (really, it is)
  • GVS offers security review service for Drupal
  • Bad things: abusing resources, stealing data, altering data
    • Abusing resources: DDOS (extorting money from site owner), using open relay in a mail sending module for spam
    • Stealing data: from users (their passwords, e-mail address)
    • Altering data: defacement
  • You don't hear about security vulnerabilities much; Drupal core mentions vulnerabilities (and updates) but not so much for modules
  • Worry in a prioritized way

Do It With Drupal: Drupal In The Cloud

Josh Koenig
josh - at -
About the cloud

Do It With Drupal: The Power of Features

See also Features on

Do It With Drupal: jQuery

See slides here.

  • What's jQuery: javascript library, circumvents browser incompatibility
  • Known for things like opacity, AJAX requests that work across all browsers
  • Visual effects and "wow factor"
  • Reducing javascript code: getting elements by class name - 15 lines of javascript, 1-line snippet of jQuery $(".classname");


Do It With Drupal: Geolocation

  • You can use full html to input a map straight from Google
  • Geo, Geocode, OpenLayers modules
  • Standards compliance
  • Example functions: within, touches, crosses - also, distance, area, perimeter, and others!
  • PostGIS is a common way of doing it, but you can also "do it in Drupal"
  • User friendliness: you shouldn't have to be a cartographer!
  • "Geo-spacial data sets", shape files, projections, coordinates - this stuff can get messy fast

Collecting data

Do It With Drupal: Configuring a Kick-Ass WYSIWYG Editor

  • To make it easier for people to format text without knowing HTML, you could do filters, and/or editors
  • Filters change stuff - people type things, filter changes that on output
  • A ton of modules that provide filters in addition to the core
  • Filter only makes its transformations on output: this means that whatever your user puts in the text box, it's stored right the way they did it, and you can transform it any way you want after the fact

    Do It With Drupal: New York Senate


    Do It With Drupal: Anatomy of a Distribution: Open Atrium

    • Open Atrium is a "team portal in a box" (AKA Basecamp alternative)
    • Can be behind a firewall, is free,
    • Putting people in different groups
    • Comes with six features:
      • Blog: turned on/off on a group-by-group basis
      • Wiki
      • Calendar- iCal feeds too
      • Shoutbox - like private Twitter
      • Case Tracker - ticketing system
      • Group dashboard
    • 75,000 downloads since July 17
    • - 31+ levels to various extents; get updates that don't overwrite your custom updates


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